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She has made eyebrow shaping a leading beauty service, and one that will not be yesterday’s news. She is Eliza—‘Queen of the Arch’. Over the course of her illustrious career, Eliza has shaped some of the most famous brows in the entertainment and fashion industries, as well as her loyal clientele who book a year in advance to see her religiously every four weeks. Famous for pioneering the classically elongated eyebrow shape, Eliza has transformed the brow into an integral extension of one’s overall appearance.

Originally from Romania, Eliza’s passion for beauty and helping others to realize their own natural beauty inspired her to become the leading eyebrow expert. After arriving in the United States in 1981, she started making a name for herself after opening her first New York full service salon/spa on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. As her reputation steadily grew, she caught the attention of New York’s reigning salons, eventually joining forces with both Frederic Fekkai and later John Barrett.

In 1998 Eliza partnered with Avon Salon & Spa in Trump Tower where she launched the first dedicated brow sculpting salon in the world, called Eliza’s Eyes. This concept was expanded into several Neiman Marcus locations, including their Dallas flagship, Coral Gables, Paramus and Las Vegas doors. During that time Eliza reinforced her pioneer status by launching a full range of eyebrow grooming and maintenance products, including the first ever brow kit for men and women. In 2006 Eliza opened Eliza’s Eyes House of Brows in Southampton NY. From 2006 to 2010, Eliza brought her expertise to Exhale whom she is no longer affiliated.

Now, in 2010 Eliza brings another first to the beauty world, with the opening of Eliza’s Eyes, Eye Brow Boutique, on Madison Ave NYC. Eliza expands her vision to debut a revolutionary union combining her exclusive techniques and products, with massage therapy, organic spray tanning, acupuncture, aesthetic applications, permanent makeup, and make-up artistry to create the most youthful appearance to ones features.

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“If eyes are windows to the soul, then eyebrows are the frames…”
~ Eliza, Eyebrow Designer

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Creating perfect eyebrows isn’t just about trimming, waxing and tweezing. It’s about creating a distinctive look, an elegant style, a confident feeling. It’s about creating beauty!

Eyebrows are like fingerprints…they are unique! Varying in shape, length and thickness, there is no such thing as a one-size-fit-all approach. Similar to fashion when a woman follows every trend instead of dressing her age and physical stature.

The ideal eyebrow shape is different for every face. Trends are meaningless. I look for the shape that is going to enhance your individual features, giving you luminosity, a more youthful appearance and balance.

Eyebrows can totally enhance your appearance. They can make you look sexy, happy, polished, surprised, even angry-which is never a good thing!

With one look and a brief conversation I know instantly what is needed to build upon what is already there and enhance or correct your facial features.

My mission is to share my years of artistry and experience with all of you, to develop a unique look that mirrors your facial characteristics, age and lifestyle.

Eyebrows are like fingerprints, they vary in shape, length and thickness. Your brows are unique, so there is no such thing as one brow shape “fits all”. My mission is to share my years of beauty experience with you, in which I have met and shaped the brows of thousands of beautiful people, both inside and out.

– Eliza