In a World Of Eyebrows ~ Eliza Is On Every Channel

                               Fox News - Strategy Room

                                             ABC 7

The Morning, Noon, & Night Show ~ Southampton, NY

                   NBC 4 New York Live January 2012

                                     Doctor Prasad VIP Party

"'s the only feature of the face, you can change without surgery" ~ Eliza

              Morning, Noon & Night Show ~ Southampton

                        CBS News "Queen of the Eyebrows"

"...they can make you look happy or sad... eyebrows are very expressive..." ~Eliza

                             "Queen of Arch"

Channel 12 - The Exchange "The Eyebrow Designer to The Stars!"

"While you're looking at the models on the cover of those fashion magazines, our next guest is looking too....not so much at their slinky bodies.......but their eyebrows..."

                         FOX News Las Vegas

                            News 13 Las Vegas

"An eyebrow designer is a person who is able to look at their clients....and give them the best arch and the best balance for their eyebrows that a person can give.." ~Eliza

"...yes, we all have a natural (eyebrow) shape we should follow, not the trends or what's in the magazines..." ~ Eliza

"It's been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Well we say then they need a good window treatment!" Lifetime TV Live 2000

On The Perfect Eyebrows " have to keep in mind 3 things: the distance, the length...and the thickness...." ~Eliza on The View 1998

"..I feel really blessed that I have this talent to help improve somebody's face..." ~Eliza on Good Morning America 2000

"The biggest difference in just 5 minutes!" ~Eliza on Fox 5 Good Day 2002